You Are Unique



Meditation helps us relax and stimulate the use of right-brain functions, our base of creativity.

Here is a meditation written by Virginia Satir. It’s a very good reminder of our uniqueness. You might read this meditation and record it, and add some meditative background music. You can then listen to it whenever you choose.

“Perhaps, today as you contemplate giving yourself a message of appreciation, it feels more and more natural for you to think of yourself appreciatively, without reference to any other human being – knowing that your are unique being with things common with every other human being, but in no way do you add up exactly like anyone else in the world: not your mother, your father, your sisters, your friends.

You are unique, and as you go more comfortably toward allowing yourself to accept your uniqueness, and allowing yourself to give appreciation to you, feeling it is a natural, normal thing to do, see what happens to your body. Does it smile inside? Does it feel like a smile or relaxation wants to come out? Just be aware.

Most of us are new to the idea of appreciating ourselves. And now go to that place deep inside where you keep the treasure that is called by your name. And as you move to that place, comfortably, notice your resources – your human heritage.”